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Spring is here! Follow these tips to make sure your bike is ready to hit the road.

Check your owner’s manual
While our guide has some good general maintenance tips, checking out your bike’s manual gives you a good idea of what kind of specific procedures you might need to do, and what kind of tools you’ll need to do them.

Fuel up
Gasoline is very refined and can deteriorate quickly, even after a few months. Keeping stale gas in your tank can lead to your bike running rough, or not running at all. Worse yet, gasoline can react with oxygen to create varnish deposits that clog the lines, filters, and jets/injectors in your fuel system. And changing temperatures can lead to condensation forming in your gas tank, adding water to your fuel.

If you drained your tank to winterize your bike, have a look in the tank for any rust, gunk, or condensation. Fuel up with high-octane gasoline before you start it up. This ensures the gas running through the system is as fresh as possible.

Test your battery
A dead battery is the most common issue with a bike sitting all winter. If you didn’t have it hooked up to a trickle charger while it was stored, you can still order one and charge your battery before your first ride. Try this a few weeks before spring so you can order a new battery if nothing happens when you hook up the charger.

Check for any flat spotting on the tires that may have developed from sitting all winter, especially with soft-compound tires. Bring the tire pressure up where it needs to be and check for any excessive wear. Now is a good time to replace any overly worn tires.

Don’t forget the fluids
When it comes to brake fluid, a complete system flush with new fluid is ideal. But at least top it off with the correct brake fluid. Make sure your coolant levels are up to spec too, especially if the bike has sat idle. If you want to do a complete flush, clear the system with white vinegar and distilled water, then refill with new coolant.

Don’t ride dirty
It’s the first ride. Celebrate by giving your bike a good scrub and wax so it looks good and is protected from dirt, rocks and UV rays.  

As long as you don’t need any major repairs, it shouldn’t take much time to get through these important maintenance steps. Then the only thing left to do is get out there and ride!

Keeping proper tire pressure is Bike Maintenance 101, but it can sometimes be overlooked. Riding with under-inflated tires can result in:
Drop in gas mileage
• Increased tire wear
 Reduced handling

Follow these steps for simple, effective tire pressure maintenance:

Check pressures regularly
This depends on how often you ride. Typically, once a week is fine. For a long trip, once or twice a day is best.

Check and fill your tires “cold”
Recommended tire pressures listed in your user manual or on your tire are cold tire pressures. As you ride, friction from the road generates heat that’s absorbed into the tire, causing the air to expand and increase tire pressure. Check and fill your tires before you ride, and get them as close to the cold PSI as possible.

Using a standard, spring-loaded tire gauge
For an accurate, reliable reading, the classic spring-loaded tire gauge is tried and true. When using a standard gauge, be sure to attach the gauge to valve stem so air doesn’t leak; if you can hear a hiss, the gauge isn’t secure.

Fill and check again
Press the air chuck to the valve stem until it stops hissing. Hold it there for a second or two, remove, and recheck the pressure. Repeat until tire is at recommended pressure.

Go digital to save time
It costs more, but a digital pressure gauge with air pump gives you an accurate reading and fills the tire simultaneously. This ensures you hit your recommended pressure and alleviates the need to constantly recheck the PSI.

Don’t over-inflate
Over-inflating reduces the amount of contact the tire has with the road. If you’ve put in too much air, carefully use a Phillips screwdriver or other tool to depress the pin in the valve stem and release some air.

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