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Why make the changes?

During development, manufacturers determine optimal fueling and ignition schemes for the best possible performance and power. However, variables like emissions and noise regulations force them to make compromises in the programming, which can affect performance.

Reprogramming, or "reflashing" your bike's stock engine computer (ECU) lets you retune your fuel and ignition systems to improve performance and accommodate changes, such as installing a different exhaust or air filter.

This can result in:

  • Improved power and torque
  • Smoother transitions and throttle response
  • Improved performance in lower gears
  • Changes in off-throttle deceleration mapping, which helps reduce engine braking and makes throttle transitions smoother
  • Improved fuel economy

Should I tune my ECU?

That's really up to you. While ECU tuning can be a very effective way to eliminate factory limitations and boost your bike's performance, you have to be careful. Manufacturers also make compromises for safer operation. If you make too many modifications and run your bike too lean, you can fry your engine and burn up your pistons.

Be sure to do plenty of research before you start making changes. It doesn't hurt to consult with a knowledgeable repair shop either.

And if you're happy with your bike's performance, you might as well leave the factory settings as they are. In other words, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.


Power Vision CX performance tuner and data monitor

Buywitchdoctors.com Talks about the Dynojet Power Vision CX found here.

The Witchdoctor is pleased to introduce our newest product, the Power Vision CX by Dynojet. This user-friendly performance tuner and data monitor makes re-flashing your ECU simple with an easy-to-use interface.

Unlike Dynojet's Power Commander unit, which adds hardware to your bike, the Power Vision CX is a handheld device no bigger than a cellphone. Use the vehicle interface cable to plug directly into your bike's ECU to make the changes without removing the ECU!

This gives you easier access so you can:

  • Control fueling
  • Optimize spark timing for 91-93 octane fuel
  • Set up autotune functions
  • Adjust torque, rev, and speed limits
  • Lower fan turn-on temps
  • And much more!

Using it is very simple. You can either upload pre-loaded maps from the Power Vision CX to your ECU, or plug the device into your computer, download a pre-configured map from Dynojet's database on its website, and upload the information to your ECU. The Power Vision CX also saves a stock map of your bike, so you can always re-flash your ECU back to factory settings.

Watch the DIYGarage video above for more information and call us at 330-856-6924 to order your Power Vision CX today!


Instant Air-Conditioning to Keep Cool While Riding

It's summertime! That means many of the Witchdoctor faithful will be out riding in some hot weather. When the mercury rises, it can be tempting to shed some of those layers of protective gear...but don't do it!

Instead, consider this:

  • As sweat evaporates, it pulls heat out of the body, cooling you down
  • You can help that process by wearing long-sleeved, tight-fitting exercise shirts made of moisture-wicking material
  • In really hot temperatures, try wetting down a regular cotton T-shirt and wearing it under a wind-breaking riding jacket...this creates an instant air-conditioner! This increases the amount of moisture near the skin to be evaporated, and reduces the amount you'll have to sweat. Also try a wetted down neck bandana
  • Carry extra water or wear a camelback to help stay hydrated during long rides. Dehydration isn't something you can tough out – it will kill you if you don't stay hydrated

Stay safe and ride smart!

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