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Hit the Brakes! A Maintenance Must Most Riders Forget to Check

Oh, the weather outside is…you do not need us to tell you how teeth chattering cold and snowy it’s been over the last month. It’s these types of days we long for an open road adventure. Thinking positive; the time will come when you’ll need to wake up your motorcycle from its winters’ sleep and prepare for the new riding season.

Much deserved TLC is needed on a bike after being idle and in storage for such a long period of time. This is where we come in and perform the basics such as a good wash, changing the oil, checking the tires and so forth. But, there is a crucial maintenance task cycle owners overlook.

It’s about time you showed some love to your throttle, clutch and control cables. This may come as a surprise, but a majority of bikers do not give much thought to the controls, even though it’s one of the most important components of any bike. If you fail to perform cable maintenance 101, you could find yourself stranded on the side of the road.

Taking care of bike cables is pretty simple, and just involves a little time and familiarity with some simple procedures. “How often should I be checking my cables?” Good question! It depends really on the type of bike and how often you ride. For example, a street bike may only need checked once a season while a dirt bike will need serviced after almost every ride. A rule of thumb for all riders is to at least start the riding season with a thorough maintenance overhaul.

We mentioned earlier about how easy it is to maintain bike cables. You can do it in three steps that will make the riding experience a lot more fun.

Remove Cables

First things first, remove the cables from your bike. We recommend referring to the factory service manual as you start this procedure, and follow instructions carefully. A wrong move could result in a stuck throttle or non-functioning clutch. Once you’ve successfully removed the cable, you’ll want to clean up the housing and inspect for any wear. If its worn to the coil winding or one of the fittings is damaged, it’s best to replace the cables.

Lubricate Cables

Lubricating the wire inside the housing makes it slide more smoothly and will extend the life of the cable by reducing friction. Plus, this process ensures the inner wire is clean and free of debris. As you’re injecting lubrication, you’ll notice it dripping from the bottom of the housing and it’ll appear to be dirty. That’s exactly what we want to see! Once you see clean lubricant coming out, you’re then done. Oh, a friendly tidbit. Make sure to have rags or paper towels handy, as this process can get messy.

Reinstall Cables

Now it’s time to reinstall the cables. As always, refer to the service manual when putting and adjusting the cables back on your bike. Make sure the pivot points are cleaned and lubricated. This includes the clutch cable barrel in the clutch lever on the handlebar and the throttle cable barrels in the throttle tube. Lubricating these points results in a finer feel and control, making your interface with the bike more sensitive. Also, it’s best to remove the clutch lever and regrease the pivot.

At the end of the day, maintaining your bike cables adds about 30 minutes to your garage time, but is time worth spent on ensuring your ride is performing at its best.

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