Arnott Air Suspensions

Arnott Air Suspensions offers a high-quality and reliable suspension system designed specifically for Victory and Indian Motorcycles. These air suspension kits provide an upgraded and customizable riding experience. Users can easily adjust their bike's ride height and stiffness to suit their preferred riding style.

The air suspension kit is engineered to improve the overall performance, handling, and comfort of your motorcycle. By replacing the stock suspension with Arnott's air suspension system, riders can enjoy a smoother and more controlled ride. This is great especially on rough roads and uneven surfaces. The ability to adjust the air pressure of the shocks also allows for a more personalized riding experience. You can easily adjust to your individual preferences and comfort levels.

Installation of the Arnott Air Suspension kit is straightforward and can be done at home with basic tools. The kit comes with all necessary components and instructions for a hassle-free upgrade. Once installed, riders can easily adjust the air pressure. This is done by using the included handlebar-mounted control switch. This allows for on-the-fly adjustments while on the road.

Whether you are looking to improve your bike's handling, comfort, or overall performance, Arnott Air Suspensions for Victory and Indian Motorcycles provide a reliable and effective solution. With their durable construction, easy installation, and customizable ride characteristics, these air suspension kits are a must-have upgrade for any rider.