Indian & Victory Motorcycle Luggage & Storage

Sometimes you need more space than what fits in your pockets and looking through endless choices of luggage for your Victory or Indian motorcycle can be overwhelming to most folks. ? To help you begin your search lets narrow it down to what your needs are.

The first thing you need to figure out is what is it you want to carry. Is it tools, clothes, food, laptop a combination or something else? Does it need to be waterproof or lightweight? Once you figure that out then you only really have two options. Attach it or strap it to the bike or you can wear it. With me so far?

Lets narrow it down some more.

Wear it.

Backpacks are the simplest and easiest way to carry or store your items. They are also the most cost effective and easiest to use because you do not need to mount or strap anything down. A couple downsides are that generally you can only ride solo and putting a backpack over a leather or bigger jacket can sometimes be difficult. If you are looking to carry a laptop or other expensive electronics look into a waterproof motorcycle backpack with a padded sleeve made specifically for those items. A high quality backpack will feel lightweight and comfortable to wear. They are also designed to be aerodynamically stable at highway speed to you don't get shaken all around.

For the Bike.

Gear Bags keep all your gear or clothing together in one place. Gear bags come in the duffel style with an over the shoulder strap but most large bags come with roller wheels to make them easier to move.

Tank Bags attach to your gas tank and are ideal for maps, GPS or cell phones. Magnetic bags as well as bags that attach via straps are all available. The newest innovation is the quick release tank bag making removal / installation a breeze.

Backrest, Rack and Backseat bags are especially good ant carrying a lot of items. They usually have a multitude of pockets, zippers and pouches so you can organize everything just so. The bags attach to the sissy bar, backrest or strap down to a luggage or trunk rack. The back seat bag is great to put behind you and acts as a backrest for those long journeys where you need to lean back and stretch out.

Organizers & Liners. Don't forget the details! If you already have a trunk or saddlebags and don't require a bigger luggage solution check out some saddlebag and trunk liners. Liners can be taken out easily and carried to your destination without leaving any valuables behind. They come with a sturdy carry handle and are extremely durable. Having a set of liners inside your saddlebags gives you the protection of the saddlebag and the convenience of a bag. Net or pouch style organizers easily attach inside your trunk or saddlebag keeping your small items safe and secure. They generally attach to the underside of the lids making unused space more valuable.