Electrical Connectors, Heat Shrink, Pigtails, Wire Covering & Supplies

Your Victory or Indian motorcycles electrical connectors and system can be challenging to even the best home mechanic. Honestly though, anybody with some simple tools, some common sense and some patience should be capable of correctly making a correct electrical connection. Repairing a simple broken wire or adding an electrical accessory isn't hard. So why do so many wiring connections and splices that look like crap?

Bare, twisted-together wires with electrical tape and wiring nuts don't make reliable connections. Often times that's how people connect wires or add accessories. The results can and often times go up in smoke. There are only a few ways to properly connect wires together. 


How to Solder wires together



Requires some skill and specialty tools. If you’re not familiar with soldering, in simple terms you need to heat the wires you want to join together until the solder melts. The trick to a good connection is to heat the joint until the solder melts and flows through it. Doing it incorrectly can result in a weak joint which often times breaks and a connection with high resistance which can cause the wire to get hot.


Electrical crimp terminals assortment

 Crimp Terminals:

  Are more common and will do the job but are not reusable. If the crimp is properly made, it's nearly as strong as a soldered joint. When the finished joint is properly protected with heat shrink, oxidation, leading to corrosion, shouldn't be an issue. 

Watch our video and decide if soldering or crimping is right for you.


Posi Products how to

The best way is to use a "Posi Product" twist type connectors. They require no specialtools or skill and are reusable. In case you make a mistake or or need to reroute the wires you can take them apart, make the changes and put the wires back together. They are also easy to work with on the side of the road in case of a problem. To learn more on posi  products watch our video.

Witchdoctors is dedicated to supplying you with the correct motorcycle electrical connectors, wire harnesses, electrical supplies and the correct tools to help you get the job done quickly and correctly the first time. To learn some helpful tips and information on wiring check out our video on wiring and connectors.