Victory, Indian motorcycle grips, heated , foam, air cushion, throttle lock

Motorcycle grips are necessary for comfortable and safe riding, especially on long trips. If you don't have the right grips on your Victory or Indian motorcycle, it's time to find the perfect ones.

Some of the benefits of having the correct grips are:

Hand and wrist comfort. Grips can help with the numbness or tingling in your hands caused by vibration. Heated grips can help keep your hands warm on those cold days.

Control, having a good grip can help you maintain control and ride safely even it wet conditions.

Style, grips can add that flair and style you want and are offered in black, contrast cut and chrome. Don't forget the grips when building that custom motorcycle.

Witchdoctors can help you find the right grip for your riding style and level of comfort. Choose from our air cushioned, foam grips or for those cold days maybe a heated set is what you need. Grip prices range from $20 to over $100 depending on the style you choose. We have a large selection in stock and offer free shipping on select grips and accessories.

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