Victory & Indian Motorcycle Horns

Motorcycle horns are essential safety accessories that help riders alert other motorists and pedestrians of their presence on the road. There are various types of horns available, each offering distinct features and benefits.

1. Electric Horns: Electric horns are the most common type of motorcycle horn. They are easy to install and provide a loud and attention-grabbing sound. Electric horns are typically powered by the motorcycle's battery. They are designed to produce a sharp and clear noise that can be heard from a considerable distance.

2. Air Horns: Air horns are a more powerful alternative to electric horns, producing an even louder sound that is sure to get the attention of other road users. These horns use compressed air to create a deep and resonant tone, making them ideal for use in high-traffic areas or when riding at high speeds. Air horns require a separate compressor for operation and are generally larger in size compared to electric horns.

3. Dual-Tone Horns: Dual-tone horns are a popular choice for motorcycle enthusiasts who want a horn that offers both a high-pitched and low-pitched sound. These horns are designed to provide a unique and attention-grabbing tone that stands out on the road. Dual-tone horns are often compact in size and can be mounted easily on most motorcycles.

No matter the type of motorcycle horn you choose, having a reliable and loud horn is crucial for ensuring your safety on the road. Make sure to check your local regulations regarding horn usage to ensure compliance with the law.