Victory & Indian motorcycle Genuine OEM factory paint. offers quarts, pints and touch up paint in the factory colors for your victory motorcycle

Are you looking for Victory or Indian motorcycle Genuine OEM factory paint? Do you want the correct paint and not something close enough? Witchdoctors solves the problem and offers the correct Victory & Indian factory colors in quarts, pints and touch up kits. If your color is not listed in the correct size you are looking for we may also be able to make it for you. Just contact us and we will see what we can do.

Need help finding your paint code? Paint codes can be obtained by checking with your dealer. You will need to provide your VIN number.

Where is my VIN# ? VIN Decoder

Factory OEM Paint Codes  *These are the paint manufactures codes not the paint code of your bike.

Paint Tech Sheet *This sheet is not for all colors. It is just a general guide.


Victory & Indian Motorcycle Genuine OEM Paint, Quarts, Pints & Touch Up Kits.