Xtra Seal Tire Repair Products

Xtra Seal is a trusted brand in the automotive industry. They are known for their high-quality products designed to help repair and maintain tires effectively.

Let's delve into the various products they offer:


1. Xtra Seal Bead Sealer:

Xtra Seal Bead Sealer is a specially formulated sealant designed to effectively seal leaks between the tire bead and the wheel rim. This product is crucial for preventing air leaks from the wheel, which can cause underinflation and potentially lead to tire failure. The bead sealer is easy to apply, creating a strong, airtight seal that helps maintain tire pressure and extends tire life. It is compatible with various tire types and sizes, making it a versatile solution for both consumer and commercial applications.


2. Xtra Seal Tire Repair Kit:

The Xtra Seal Tire Repair Kit is a must-have for any vehicle owner or professional mechanic. This comprehensive kit includes all the essential tools and materials needed to quickly and effectively repair punctured tires. It typically contains tire plugs, a rasp tool for cleaning the puncture area, a needle tool for inserting the tire plugs, vulcanizing cement, and a knife for trimming excess plug material. With this kit on hand, you can easily fix minor tire punctures on the go, saving time and money on expensive replacements.


3. Xtra Seal Vulcanizing Cement:

Xtra Seal Vulcanizing Cement is a high-quality adhesive specifically formulated for tire repairs. This fast-drying cement creates a strong bond between the tire and the patch, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting repair. It is ideal for use with tire patches, reinforcing the repair and preventing air leaks. The vulcanizing cement is heat-resistant and compatible with a wide range of tire materials. This makes it a versatile solution for both tubeless and tube-type tires.


4. Xtra Seal Tire Plugs:

Tire Plugs are an essentia lcomponent of any tire repair kit. These self-vulcanizing rubber plugs are designed to effectively seal punctures in tubeless tires. They provide a quick and reliable solution for repairing minor damage. The tire plugs are easy to insert into the puncture using the included needle tool, and when combined with vulcanizing cement, they create a permanent seal that withstands the rigors of everyday driving. Xtra Seal tire plugs are durable, flexible, and designed to conform to the shape of the puncture, ensuring a secure and airtight repair.


In conclusion, Xtra Seal offers a comprehensive range of high-quality products essential for tire maintenance and repair. Whether you need to seal tire beads, fix punctures, or reinforce tire patches, Xtra Seal has you covered with reliable solutions that help extend the life of your tires and keep you safe on the road. Trust Xtra Seal for all your tire repair needs, and ensure optimal performance and safety for your vehicles.