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Unfortunately not all of us have time to always ride or live in a climate where we can. Life, work and the changing seasons sometimes leaves your Victory or Indian parked for days, weeks even months at a time. Batteries are expensive and there is nothing worse than when you can finally ride and the battery is dead. No matter what kind of Victory or Indian motorcycle you own, we can keep it charged. A battery charger, maintainer or tender will keep your motorcycle charged while you are away.
Battery Life. A good battery maintainer or tender will ensure the battery stays charged as well as monitor its health while your motorcycle is not being used. If leaving your battery on a regular charger, you can easily overcharge the battery and shorten its life.
Safety. Leaving your battery plugged into a regular charger for weeks on end is an extreme fire risk. Battery maintainers minimize this risk by monitoring the temperature and decreasing power output.
Fewer Replacements.If you overcharge and damage your motorcycle battery there is no going back. Using a battery maintainer will save you from future replacements.
Types of Chargers:
Regular Charger. You hook it up to your battery, and it constantly charges at the same rate until you unplug it. The hazard is that leaving it plugged in for prolonged periods can damage the battery, waste power, and even be a fire hazard.
Trickle Charger. The common name for a trickle charger is a battery tender or maintainer (Battery Tender is a brand name) These chargers use advanced technology to monitor the charge level and change it according to your battery's needs. The benefit of this plug and forget style is that it reduces the unnecessary power waste of traditional chargers and reduces fire risk.
Stop buying a new battery every season and keep yourself safe from fire hazards. Witchdoctors stocks all types and popular brands of battery chargers at affordable prices. If you need help choosing the correct one give us a call at 330-856-6924.

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