Motorcycle Half Helmets

Motorcycle half helmets, available at, are lightweight and provide minimal coverage for the head. They offer a sleek and stylish look for riders who prefer a minimalistic helmet option.

Motorcycle Half Helmets Pros & Cons

1. Lightweight: Half helmets are made from lightweight materials, reducing strain on the neck during long rides.
2. Stylish: These helmets give riders a cool and edgy appearance, enhancing their overall look. View our Daytona Non DOT approved designs.
3. Enhanced visibility: With an open face design, riders have a wider field of vision, making it easier to see everything around them.
4. Affordable: Half helmets are often more budget-friendly compared to full-face helmets, appealing to riders on a tighter budget.
5. Increased airflow: These helmets allow for better ventilation, keeping riders cool during hot weather.

1. Limited protection: Half helmets only cover the top of the head, leaving the face, chin, and ears exposed to potential injuries in case of an accident.
2. Reduced noise reduction: With an open face design, noise from wind and traffic can be louder, making it harder to hear surrounding sounds or conversations. View hearing protection.
3. Less weather protection: Riders may experience discomfort during rainy or cold weather, as these helmets do not offer full protection against elements.
4. Limited accessory compatibility: Mounting accessories such as Bluetooth devices or visors may not be possible or may require additional modifications.

Overall, motorcycle half helmets offer a lightweight and stylish option for riders who prioritize a minimalist look and prefer an open-face design. However, it is important to consider the reduced protection and potential limitations that come with these helmets.