DOT motorcycle half helmets
Motorcycle half helmets allow for the most "wind in your face" when riding however they do it at the compromise of any facial protection. A motorcycle half helmet in the United States still needs to be DOT approved. All of the half helmets sold by Witchdoctors are DOT approved. Do not confuse DOT half helmets with low profile "novelty" helmets. A half helmet still needs to protect the rider's head adequately during a crash. Most half helmets are worn by riders who travel at low speeds and stop and go traffic. We recommend riders who travel at highway speeds, choose a modular or full face helmet.

Motorcycle Half Helmets

Vagrant Helmet by Z1R
From $79.95 USD
Hawk- Chrome by Daytona Helmets
$71.96 USD $79.95 USD
Eagle- Dull Black by Daytona Helmets
From $53.96 USD $59.95 USD