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The ignition system is one of three separate but related electrical systems on a motorcycle. Also present is the starting system and the charging system.

The job of the ignition system is to supply a spark at the correct time within the cylinder. The spark must be sufficiently strong enough to jump a gap at the spark plug electrodes. In order for a motorcycle to run, its ignition system must function properly. If it breaks down, a variety of issues can occur from not starting to poor gas mileage and performance.

The starting system components are the battery, main/ignition switch, engine start switch, fuse, and coil winding inside of the starter relay. When the engine start switch is activated the low current circuit is completed and an electromagnetic field is created inside the starter relay which then engages the starter.

There are three main sections to the charging system.The Battery, Regulator/Rectifier and the stator. The job of the stator is to convert mechanical energy from the engine back into electricity. The R/R unit converts the AC electricity produced by the stator, in the diode bridge rectifier section, and then regulates the voltage to limit it to around 14V DC where it is fed back into (charges) the battery and powers the rest of the bikes electrics.

As you can see the systems are fairly complex and everything has to be in good condition to work properly. Witchdoctors has all the parts & supplies to keep your Victory and Indian motorcycle running at a high level. While you are at it. do some customizing and create your own style with a set of colored spark plug wires.

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