Victory & Indian Motorcycle LED Headlights, Turn Signals, Brake Lights

Victory & Indian Motorcycle LED Headlights offer supperior brightness and improved safety. While riding your motorcycle can be fun it can also be dangerous. Your headlight is an essential part to ensure that you can see the road and other drivers can see you. A quality LED, Halogen or HID headlight can help make the difference between being seen or not. Most factory headlights are HID (high intensity discharge), halogen or the old style incandescent bulbs.

Halogen, HID or LED, whats best for me?

Halogen bulbs are one of the most popular types on a motorcycle. The downside is they produce a lot of heat and draw moisture but they are durable and lower cost.

HID bulbs on the other hand are brighter than halogen and produce much less heat. The problem is they require a lot of power to run and can be quite expensive. Other drivers often say these lights tend to be blinding as well.

LED lights (light emitting diode) are the newest style on the market. They are highly energy efficient and draw much less current than comparable incandescent, HID or halogen bulbs so installing them won't strain your electrical system. LED's are brighter than the other bulb types but can be more expensive depending on the quality. They do produce some heat but usually come with some type of way to cool them. The upside is they have an extremely long lifespan and use directional lighting making them more effective at lighting up the road.

Style. When choosing the right headlight most LED lights can add some style also. We all want that "cool" look! Some LED headlights come with a halo ring around the outer edge which can glow when you are parked adding to the cool effect. Another innovative feature is you can get them with "adaptive technology" which means the light beam follows the road, great for the twisties and seeing around the corner.

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