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Motorcycle towing, storage, ratchet straps, Tie Downs, Motorcycle Covers, Trailer hitches

Although you would rather ride your motorcycle than transport or store it, sometimes the need will arise. If your motorcycle sits for an extended period of time, or you store it outside, you will probably want a cover to keep it in good shape and to protect it from the elements. Witchdoctors has you covered! (pun intended) Covers come in many different styles from full covers, half covers, outdoor or indoor covers. Prices range from a few dollars to over $100 depending on the quality you choose.

If you are towing your motorcycle and you're looking for a set of ratchet straps, or a combination of straps and soft loops, we've got what you need. Wheel chocks to keep your baby secure and locking straps so it stays put are all available at Witchdoctors.


Victory & Indian Motorcycle Towing & Storage, Trailer Hitch, Tie Down Straps, Chocks & Storage Covers