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If you are always on your Victory or Indian Motorcycle, at some point you are going to get caught in the rain. There is no reason to get caught without good motorcycle rain gear. Stay dry and ride smart with rain suits, waterproof pants, boot covers and more from Witchdoctors.

Benefits of Having the Correct Rain Gear

Stay Dry  You want to stay as comfortable as you can while riding. Rain gear is made to fit both men and women and will keep you dry in a hard rain.

Visibility  In the rain it will be hard for others to see you. Many rain suits and jackets come in many bright colors and are also reflective making you easier to see and keeping you safer.

Safety  With everything getting wet things get more slippery Don't loose a grip on the handlebars or loose footing on the pegs or floor boards. Proper rain gear such as gloves and boots or boot covers can help make it so you are less likely to slip.

There are many types and styles of rain suits, jackets, pants, waterproof gloves and boot covers. A one piece suit will work best at keeping you dry but isn't as versatile as a 2 piece suit. People also find one piece suits harder to put on and take off but if you are on the long haul it might be a good choice.

Your rain gear whether it be suits, gloves or boots should be waterproof. Water resistant gear will only keep you dry for a limited time. Again something to consider on the long rides. Also look into gloves that are pre-curved. They are easier to use and most times are more comfortable.

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Victory & Indian Motorcycle Rain Gear, Suits, Jackets, Pants, Shoe Covers & Gloves