GMAX Helmets

GMAX is a reputable brand in the world of motorcycle helmets, known for their high-quality construction, innovative design, and commitment to rider safety. With a wide range of options to suit different riding styles and preferences, GMAX offers full face helmets, half helmets, open face helmets, and modular helmets that cater to the needs of all types of riders.

Full Face:

Full face helmets provide the ultimate protection for riders. They cover the entire head and face with a chin bar. These helmets feature advanced safety features such as multi-density EPS liners, reinforced chin bars, and aerodynamic designs. They minimize wind resistance and enhance stability at high speeds. GMAX full face helmets also come equipped with ventilation systems to keep riders cool and comfortable during long rides.

Half Helmets:

Half helmets from GMAX offer a more minimalist design. They provide riders with protection for the top of the head while leaving the face exposed. These helmets are popular among cruiser and vintage motorcycle riders. They generally prioritize style and comfort. GMAX half helmets are lightweight and low-profile. This makes them ideal for riders who prefer a more open riding experience while still ensuring essential head protection.

Open Face:

Open face helmets from GMAX combine safety with the freedom of an open design. They offer riders protection for the top and sides of the head while leaving the face exposed. These helmets are favored by riders who enjoy the feel of the wind on their face. This style of helmet also allows for better visibility and airflow. GMAX open face helmets feature ample ventilation, comfortable padding, and durable construction to ensure riders can enjoy their rides with peace of mind.

Modular Helmets:

Modular helmets are a versatile choice for riders who want the option of both full face and open face configurations. These helmets feature a flip-up chin bar that allows riders to easily switch between full face protection and open face convenience. GMAX modular helmets provide the flexibility to adjust to different riding conditions and preferences. This makes them a popular choice for touring and commuting riders who value convenience and adaptability on the road.

In conclusion, GMAX helmets offer a diverse range of options. They cater to the needs of riders across different disciplines and preferences. Whether you prioritize full face protection, enjoy the freedom of an open face design, prefer the lightweight feel of a half helmet, or seek the versatility of a modular helmet, GMAX has a helmet for you. With their focus on safety, comfort, and innovation, GMAX helmets are a reliable choice for all motorcycle enthusiasts looking for quality head protection on their rides.