Metric Motorcycle Dress Up Bolt Kits

Replace the ugly stock bolts on your Victory or Indian Motorcycle and show that you pay attention to the details. Metric motorcycle bolt kits are one of the easiest upgrades that you can make to change the look of your bike. We have kits for the engine, primary and cam cover, brakes, gas cap, triple tree, license plate and many other spots. Chrome bolt kits and even super trick anodized colored bolt kits will make you bike look awesome. If you are looking for individual bolts, nuts or washers we have those too. 

We know some spots just don't allow for an easy bolt replacement or you want to take your customizing to the next level. If you find that is what you are up against check out our selection of bolt caps, cup washers and bolt push in buttons. If you want the ultimate "trick" look, combine a bolt with a cup washer and push in button. Mix and match colors to create an incredible look and style.


Anodized push in bolt button for victory or Indian motorcycles

 Push in Buttons:  

Add the finishing touch with these neat little high tensile anodized Aluminum buttons. Supplied with 'O' rings to form an airtight seal and keep out dirt. Just push them in. Installation couldn't be easier! Many colors to choose from. Why not use  push in buttons in conjunction with our cup washers for a unique color co-ordinated look?


Anodized cup washers for allen head bolts

 Cup Washers:

are great for dressing up stock bolts. The cup slides up the thread of an allen head bolt and shrouds the head, leaving the head surface exposed. They are designed to be used in conjunction with our push in buttons. Try these with our contrasting or matching push in buttons for a truly unique look.

  Witchdoctors is dedicated to helping you customize your motorcycle the way you want by adding style, flair and the ultimate in cool. Metric motorcycle bolt kit are a sure fire way to look great. Watch this Video to learn more about our colored bolts & washers.