Victory & Indian Motorcycle Mirrors, Perch Mount, Bar End & Turn Signal Mirrors

Victory and Indian Motorcycle Mirrors are high-quality accessories designed to elevate the look and functionality of your motorcycle. Available in a variety of styles, including Perch Mount, Bar End, and Turn Signal Mirrors. These mirrors are the perfect way to add a touch of style and flair to your ride.

How should I set up my motorcycle mirrors?

The left mirror should reveal more of the space adjacent to your bike on the left (where cars pass). The right mirror should expand the view of the space to the right of your bike (where merging vehicles appear from). This will significantly expand your total rearward view.

Having the correct mirror can make all the difference. They help you successfully pass some one and view if someone is coming up behind you. 

Types of Mirrors


Perch Mount  These mirrors typically mount on or near your handlebar controls. They generally screw or bolt on and only take a few minutes to change. One thing to make sure of is Victory & Indian models are considered "metric" and Harley mirrors will not work because of the different threads. Adapters are available but usually don't come with new mirrors.


Bar End These mirrors are exactly what you think, they attach to the end of your handlebar. They look cool and can be swiveled to be on top or below your grips. many Indian Scout or Victory Octane riders choose this style. One downside is if your grips do not have a removable end cap the mirrors will not work.  


Turn Signal  Turn Signal mirrors have built in indicator lights in the front side of the mirror housing. These mirrors contain high-intensity light-emitting diodes (LEDs), usually arranged to form an arrow or line that can point either left or right. The LEDs are positioned behind the mirror glass so that the driver doesn't see anything but oncoming drivers see a very bright indicator.


If you are looking for the best selection of Indian and Victory motorcycle mirrors but not sure what style you want, we are here to help. We offer chrome, black & contrast cut mirrors in all shapes and sizes. Signal mirrors and bar end mirrors can ad safety and style. If you need adapters we have a large selection of those as well. Don't forget all US orders over $159.99 get Free Shipping everyday!