How to properly adjust the seat cushion

 For the AIRHAWK Motorcycle Cushion to be effective, it must be properly adjusted. The goal is to allow yourself to sink as deeply as possible into the cushion without hitting the bottom of it. This is achieved by having as little air in the cushion as possible.

Proper adjustment can only be done while you are sitting on the cushion.

Step 1: Turn cushion valve counter-clockwise to open.

Step 2: Inflate cushion by mouth until the cushion is filled with air.

Step 3: Turn the valve clockwise to close.

Step 4: Place cushion on your motorcycle, with the air cells facing upward. Sit on the seat in your normal riding position. Place both feet on pegs.

Step 5: IMPORTANT! Adjust the air by opening the fill valve and releasing air until you sink down into the cushion. Close fill valve. Ideal inflation is about 1/2 inch off the seat. If you bottom out on the base of the seat, add more air through the fill valve and adjust again. DO NOT OVERINFLATE. This product works most effectively with a minimal amount of air.

Step 6: Turn the valve clockwise to close. You can check that you have not let all the air out of the cushion by slowly leaning your body (not necessarily your bike) from side to side. You should be able to feel the air transferring beneath you slightly. If too much air is transferring beneath you, let more air out of the cushion.