Rear Air Ride Shock Kit For Victory Steel Frame Cruisers by AIRFX

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Bike Model:
Victory Vegas
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SKU: FXA-1003GA1B1-Vegas-2003



SKU: FXA-1003GA1B1-Vegas-2003

Includes; Compressor, Shock, Valve, and Toggle switch. Our patented rear air ride kits are specifically designed to fit all monoshock rear suspension applications. Now you can fine tune your suspension for extreme cornering and braking and quickly adjust back to a comfortable cruising mode. Experience fast responsive, grip and true performance all in a package not any larger than your stock shock. The air in the shock reacts much faster than a standard hydraulic shock. By lowering your bike you will change the center of gravity and your geometry. This makes a huge difference in handling. Each shock has two air chambers for lift and 1 for rebound. Rebound is set by adding air to the Schrader valve on the shock, allowing the rider to adjust the ride height and rebound setting.

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Product Style Sku Stock
2003 / Victory VegasFXA-1003GA1B1-Vegas-20030
2004 / Victory KingpinFXA-1003GA1B1-Kingpin-20040
2004 / Victory VegasFXA-1003GA1B1-Vegas-20040
2005 / Victory HammerFXA-1003GA1B1-Hammer-20050
2005 / Victory KingpinFXA-1003GA1B1-Kingpin-20050
2005 / Victory VegasFXA-1003GA1B1-Vegas-20050
2006 / Victory HammerFXA-1003GA1B1-Hammer-20060
2006 / Victory JackpotFXA-1003GA1B1-Jackpot-20060
2006 / Victory KingpinFXA-1003GA1B1-Kingpin-20060
2006 / Victory VegasFXA-1003GA1B1-Vegas-20060
2007 / Victory HammerFXA-1003GA1B1-Hammer-20070
2007 / Victory JackpotFXA-1003GA1B1-Jackpot-20070
2007 / Victory KingpinFXA-1003GA1B1-Kingpin-20070
2007 / Victory VegasFXA-1003GA1B1-Vegas-20070
2008 / Victory HammerFXA-1003GA1B1-Hammer-20080
2008 / Victory JackpotFXA-1003GA1B1-Jackpot-20080
2008 / Victory KingpinFXA-1003GA1B1-Kingpin-20080
2008 / Victory VegasFXA-1003GA1B1-Vegas-20080
2009 / Victory HammerFXA-1003GA1B1-Hammer-20090
2009 / Victory JackpotFXA-1003GA1B1-Jackpot-20090
2009 / Victory KingpinFXA-1003GA1B1-Kingpin-20090
2009 / Victory VegasFXA-1003GA1B1-Vegas-20090
2010 / Victory HammerFXA-1003GA1B1-Hammer-20100
2010 / Victory JackpotFXA-1003GA1B1-Jackpot-20100
2010 / Victory KingpinFXA-1003GA1B1-Kingpin-20100
2010 / Victory VegasFXA-1003GA1B1-Vegas-20100
2011 / Victory HammerFXA-1003GA1B1-Hammer-20110
2011 / Victory JackpotFXA-1003GA1B1-Jackpot-20110
2011 / Victory KingpinFXA-1003GA1B1-Kingpin-20110
2011 / Victory VegasFXA-1003GA1B1-Vegas-20110
2012 / Victory HammerFXA-1003GA1B1-Hammer-20120
2012 / Victory HighballFXA-1003GA1B1-Highball-20120
2012 / Victory JackpotFXA-1003GA1B1-Jackpot-20120
2012 / Victory KingpinFXA-1003GA1B1-Kingpin-20120
2012 / Victory VegasFXA-1003GA1B1-Vegas-20120
2013 / Victory BoardwalkFXA-1003GA1B1-Boardwalk-20130
2013 / Victory HammerFXA-1003GA1B1-Hammer-20130
2013 / Victory HighballFXA-1003GA1B1-Highball-20130
2013 / Victory JackpotFXA-1003GA1B1-Jackpot-20130
2013 / Victory JudgeFXA-1003GA1B1-Judge-20130
2013 / Victory VegasFXA-1003GA1B1-Vegas-20130
2014 / Victory BoardwalkFXA-1003GA1B1-Boardwalk-20140
2014 / Victory HammerFXA-1003GA1B1-Hammer-20140
2014 / Victory HighballFXA-1003GA1B1-Highball-20140
2014 / Victory JackpotFXA-1003GA1B1-Jackpot-20140
2014 / Victory JudgeFXA-1003GA1B1-Judge-20140
2014 / Victory VegasFXA-1003GA1B1-Vegas-20140
2015 / Victory BoardwalkFXA-1003GA1B1-Boardwalk-20150
2015 / Victory GunnerFXA-1003GA1B1-Gunner-20150
2015 / Victory HammerFXA-1003GA1B1-Hammer-20150
2015 / Victory HighballFXA-1003GA1B1-Highball-20150
2015 / Victory JackpotFXA-1003GA1B1-Jackpot-20150
2015 / Victory JudgeFXA-1003GA1B1-Judge-20150
2015 / Victory VegasFXA-1003GA1B1-Vegas-20150
2016 / Victory GunnerFXA-1003GA1B1-Gunner-20160
2016 / Victory HammerFXA-1003GA1B1-Hammer-20160
2016 / Victory HighballFXA-1003GA1B1-Highball-20160
2016 / Victory JackpotFXA-1003GA1B1-Jackpot-20160
2016 / Victory JudgeFXA-1003GA1B1-Judge-20160
2016 / Victory VegasFXA-1003GA1B1-Vegas-20160
2017 / Victory GunnerFXA-1003GA1B1-Gunner-20170
2017 / Victory HammerFXA-1003GA1B1-Hammer-20170
2017 / Victory HighballFXA-1003GA1B1-Highball-20170
2017 / Victory JudgeFXA-1003GA1B1-Judge-20170
2017 / Victory VegasFXA-1003GA1B1-Vegas-20170